"THE DEVIL'S ADVOCATE" Ana Ursachi booed in front of own house (Video)

Dozens of people were protesting in front of the house of Ana Ursachi asked for her imprisonment.

People went to her home in Buiucani district of the capital, after they applied for the arrest of the lawyer involved in the murder case in 1997 at the General Prosecutor's Office. People were shouting : "In jail. Killer Ana Ursachi!"

An eyewitness filmed everything and sent the images to the today.md editorial office.

People's discontent was caused by the movie Devil's advocate, where victims and witnesses told in detail about what happened in the murder of Lubovi Manoli, the victim of the criminal group  led by Ursachi. 

PUBLIKA.MD recalls that Ana Ursachi is prosecuted for murder and could be announced in internationally wanted, if she does not apply to the General Prosecutor Office.

However, Dumitru Stefarta prosecutor has confirmed, referring to the data of Border Police, that the lawyer left the country. She would have left the country for Bucharest, after flew to Frankfurt, where, according to the press, has met Topa mobster. 

Later, she was seen with Renato Usatii in Moscow. Ursachi then went to Kiev, where she held a press conference to defend the number 1 raider in CIS, Veaceslav Platon. Lately, Ana Ursachi has been defending Andrei Nastase, Renato Usatii, Veaceslav Platon, Alexandr Petkov and Grigory Petrenko in the court.

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