The deputy chief of the Chisinau International Airport Ion Rotaru is figuring in multiple criminal dossiers

The deputy chief of the Chisinau International Airport Ion Rotaru is figuring in multiple criminal dossiers, as confirms Rosian Vasiloi himself. However, Vasiloi says that the dossiers must have been fabricated.

'Yes, Mr. Rotaru has some fabricated criminal investigations. Petru Ion Rotaru, I can confirm.  These dossiers are fabricated, Mr. Rotaru found out in this crossing point multiple illegalities such as smuggling', Vasiloi said.
According to the press, Ion Rotaru would be suspected in illegal migration organization and abuse of office.

In 2016, when he was holding the border control office at the Chisinau International Airport, he would have done multiple illegalities.

Taking profit from the position he held, Rotaru would have allowed more citizens to exit the country with fake passports. For now, the information is following to be confirmed by the Prosecution. Neither Ion Rotaru reacted to this information.
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