5-km race to be held for first time in Chisinau International Marathon

The Chisinau International Marathon Returns! In the third edition, besides the typical 42, 21, 10 and 1.5 kilometers, there will also be 5-km race for the first time.
The only free type is 1.5 km-race. The registration price for the other four races varies from 10 to 25 euros, and the entry itself can be done on the marathon.md site.
On the "royal" race of Marathon, the 42-km-distance can be attended by 400 people and only 80 available places remain until now. 

At the moment around 2000 people registered in five categories of marathon , including runners from foreign countries such as Zambia, Laos, Tanzania or Burundi.
About 15,000 people participated in last edition, and the organizers are confident that in 2017 this number will be exceeded by at least 3,000 people.
All participants will receive the startup package, number of individuals provided with disposable electronic chip for time timing, a T-shirt and a racing map with a detailed schedule of the event.
The Chisinau International Marathon will take place on 1 October. Publika TV is the general media partner of the event and will broadcast this sport event on a giant screen in the Great National Assembly Square.

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