The agricultural fair opened in Rascani sector is almost empty. Products are allowed to be sold only with authorization

The agricultural fair opened in Rascani district of Chisinau was almost empty. Although people were eagerly awaiting the first day of the market, only five traders came. Farmers must necessarily hold a permit they can obtain by simply referring to the sector pricing.

Armed with tens of pounds of fruit and vegetables, several manufacturers have emerged at the fair even from the early hours of the morning. None of them, but had a sales license. Since it was the first day of the market, they chose only warnings from the authorities.

"How many pounds have you brought to the fair? A ton, one kilogram of money costs 5 lei, we have come for the first time, but we will go and we will make a sales permit. I have a quality certificate", said Simion Codreanu, merchant. 

"We met in the morning, we were pretended to be licensed. We are the first day here, we are already allowed, it is received for free, the following said they will fine us", said another seller. 

The lack of merchants has made the buyers dissatisfied, because, they say, they did not really have a large assortment of products.

People hope that on the following days of Saturday, more farmers will come here, so that the supply of domestic fruit and vegetables will be higher. At the same time, they believe that fair competition would make farmers drop in price:

"Pear, apple, cabbage. Districts are big, they should be in Buiucani and here as well, in every sector.

"I need carrots, potatoes, I live here in the nearby and it is very good that the bargain is near. I am 80 years old, I have come and I have gone home." 

"I bought potatoes, a bag of five pounds, I wanted to take, but for me two elders, a crate is a lot, what I will do with it, I will not make wine, I wanted to eat".

According to the pretor of the sector, Nicolae Balaur authorization is necessary in order not to admit intermediaries, but only local producers. 

"Citizens in our sector have a high-quality product at an affordable price. It is approaching a request at the Racicani sector prefix, submitting that request, being examined and getting the absolutely free authorization on the second day", said Nicolae Balaur. 

The agricultural fair will be held for two months and will be open every Saturday starting at 09.00. If there are requests from both people and farmers, it could be organized by autumn.

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