The ACUM-PSRM Alliance creator will pay a visit to Moldova, again


The Russian PM Dmitri Kozak will pay a visit to Moldova at the end of September, announced today Igor Dodon.
'On September 19-20 at Chisinau will take place the Mixed Intergovernmental Commission of Moldova and Russia. For the first time, after three years of pause. On September 20-21 will take place the economical Forum of Moldova and Russia where will come Mr. Kozak', announced the president Igor Dodon.
Igor Dodon also announced that at the end of the current week he will pay a visit to Moscow. According to him, he will meet Vladimir Putin to discuss the natural gas delivery in Moldova.

PUBLIKA.MD reminds that from the beginning of June, this will be the third visit of Dmitri Kozak in Moldova. We mention that after his first visit at Chisinau, was created the ACUM-PSRM Alliance.
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