That's gonna hurt! Hancesti mayors, councilors leave Liberal Democratic Party

7 mayors and 5 district councilors from Hancesti leave the PLDM and join the Democratic Party (PDM.)

They inked a statement, reading: "The PLDM is severely affected by corruption, and the business and image interest of the party’s leaders was higher than the interest of the ordinary members, who did not want to be associated with corruption scandals, but to fulfill their electoral promises they had made to their electors."  

They maintain they do not want to be part of a party having disappointed and continuing to disappoint lots of people.

The Hancesti local politicians insist the decision belongs to them only: "The decision was not determined by any pressure on us on behalf of top PDM representatives, nor by fear of possible files, controls, we have nothing to fear. We are from the category of people having worked and working side by side to you for the future of ours and our children."

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