Tesla answers claims of poor factory working conditions and unionization efforts

Jose Moran, who claims to be a Tesla employee working at the company’s Fremont, California assembly facility, took to Medium on Thursday to detail working conditions at the company, and to detail efforts on behalf of factory employees to unionize, an initiative in the beginning stages of being supported by the United Autoworkers Union, the U.S. automotive industry’s largest labor union, according to techcrunch.com.

In his post, Moran claims that Tesla factory employees earn less than the national average for auto workers, despite residing in the Bay area, where the cost of living is much higher than where most car factories reside. Moran says in the post that Tesla has begun to respond to worker concerns, with a base pay raise in November, yet it also has taken steps that seem to run counter to employee organization, including asking workers to sign a new confidentiality policy.
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