Terrifying images of explosion place. Rescues continue to work, while owners of the flats are desperate

The rescues continue to operate in front of the block of flats where the explosion took place. The IGSU employees get rid of the concrete slabs that are destroyed and lay in front of the block of flat.

Meanwhile, the victims wait to check what remained from their houses:

"-U am waiting for the police to call me and ask me to check my apartment. They told me to grab some boxes. -What do you think you will find there? -Maybe my ID."

"-When will you return in the flat? -In a month. -Where do you live now? -At my relatives."

Dozens of people still bring food to the tents installed in the yard of the house.

The volunteers urge people to bring whatever they can.

The Public Services Agency announced that they will release ID for the victims.

Iar Agenția Servicii Publice a anunţat că va elibera acte de identitate încă pentru doi sinistrați.

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