TERRIBLE CRIME AT LEOVA: A man killed his wife and then set her on fire

Terrible crime in the village of Covurlui, Leova district. A 48 years old man killed his 38 years old wife, then committed suicide. The terrible scene would have been under their five years old son's eyes.     

According to the police, there would have been a conflict between the two spouses, and at one point, the man took the kitchen knife and applied a blow to the woman in the throat area, then splashed her with gas and set her on fire.

Subsequently, the individual put his knife in his throat and died instantly. The couple had three boys, five, 14 and 18 years old, but only the little one was home at the time of the tragedy.

Scared, the baby went to sleep in the neighbors, but he did not tell them anything about what happened. In the morning, the middle-aged son came home and found his dead parents.

He called the mayor from the village for help, and the latter announced the police. Come on the scene, law people found both carcasses partially charred. The matchbox was in the man's hand, and the knife thrown to the floor. The law enforcement forces are investigating the case.

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