Termoelectrica SA ready to provide heating for whole city, 36 building already connected

36 buildings from the Capital are already receiving heating. During a City Hall meeting, director of Termoelectrica SA, Veaceslav Eni has announced that so far: four hospitals, one school, one higher education institution, 11 private houses and 14 economic agents, were connected to central heating system.

If needed, Termoelectrica SA can provide the whole city its services. Deputy Mayor, Nistor Grozavu has requested preschools and hospitals to be prioritized  when connecting to central heating.

"I request that kindergartens, schools and hospitals to be the first connected. They are our number one priority, especially concrete buildings. Their walls are already cold and electric radiators do not help much" Grozavu declared.

In order for a building to be connected, at least half of its residents have to agree. The requests has to be submitted at the local Termoelectrica SA office.

According to Termoelectrica SA, the numbers of those using central heating has decreased by half. In 2016, there were 160 requests, while so far this year, only 90. The price of one gigacalorie remains the same, of 1 112 lei. The dept rose to 860 million lei, out of which 388 million lei are overdue payment. 

Termoelectrica SA provides with central heating around 4.100 buildings, including 208 thousand apartments.


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