Termoelectrica is ready to provide heating anytime consumers request it

Termoelectrica has announced that it is ready to connect the heating system anytime, at the request of the residents, especially in: apartment blocks, kindergartens, schools, educational institutions and economic agents.

The heating can be connected in less than 3 hours at the requests of residents, or their chosen representative. 

Therefore residents can file a request and their chosen representative at the local Termoelectrica office. The process of connecting the heating system can be done immediately and in only three hours it will arrive to the radiators. 

"Only the consumers can decide when they wish the heat to be connected, no other authorities can force their hand. The official statement of the City Hall, regarding when the heating should be connected and turned off, is only valid for institutions they lead and are only mere suggestions" CEO of Termoelectrica  Veaceslav Eni confirmed.

Termoelectrica offers heating to around 4 100 building, including over 208 000 apartments.


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