Tens of thousands of Moldovans count hours till meeting with actress Ezgi Asaroglu

The protagonist of the most beloved serial from Moldova arrived in  Chişinău after much time.

Through the peculiar way in which she gave life to the movie’s heroine and through her beauty, actress Ezgi Asaroglu stole Moldovans’ hearts.

The brown-haired beautiful with angel face came to Chişinău accompanied by her own stylist. It looks like the actress prepared for the visit in Moldova and even learned several words in Romanian.

Astazi, la ora 17:00, Actress Ezgi Asaroglu waits for her fans at the commercial center Malldova today at 17:00, where she will be sharing autographs and take pictures with the admirers.

The event can be followed live, at Canal 2 by those who won’t be able to reach it.


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