Ten new suspects in Andrei Brăguţă accused of dehumanizing treatment

Ten more policemen are being investigated in the Andrei Brăguţă case for dehumanizing treatment.

According to attorney, Ion Caracuian, all detained and questions officers, were employed in the prison where the deceased inmate was sent to.

Attorneys have also confessed of watching over 160 hours of 6 different security surveillance from the detention facility. There they managed to find proof that officers have stripped Brăguţă to his birth suit and left him to sleep on the floors without water. Therefore on 4th September, three policemen and two cell-mates were detained.

At the same time, a week before, attorney general Eduard Harunjen requested sanctions for judge Iurie Obada and lawyer Ivan Filimon, who were responsible for this case, because they have breached the criminal procedure.

Brăguţă was detained on 15th August for aggressive behavior and driving with excessive speed, therefore endangering the civilians. He passed away on 26th August, according to the expertise the cause was respiratory insufficiency, purulent bronchopneumonia.

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