Ten million lei allocated to protect, conserve and renovate Jewish Cemetery and Jewish History Museum of Moldova

Moldova's Government has drawn up an action plan for the protection, conservation and rehabilitation of the Jewish Cemetery in Chisinau. The decision on this regard has been approved. 

Accordingly, the sum of ten million lei was allocated for the year 2019 to renovate the Jewish Cemetery in Chisinau and the Jewish History Museum of Moldova. 

According to the decision, the public institution Museum of Jewish History of the Republic of Moldova was established. Ministry of Education, Culture and Research (MECC) exercise the position of its founder, on behalf of the state. 

Moreover, the MECC has drafted the Regulation for the organization and operation of the museum. Accordingly, the Jewish Cemetery in Chisinau is a unitary component of the Museum of Jewish History of the Republic of Moldova.

The Jewish Cemetery in Chisinau is a monument of historical national category, registered in the Republic of Moldova's State Monument Registry.

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