Teachers will no longer pay for professional development training courses. Government allocated 17 million lei

The number of teachers attending professional development training courses doubled this year. Teacher no longer need to pay to attend such projects, after the Government decided to take all expenses upon itself. Ministry of Education allocated 17 million lei for this purpose.

"We begun this year with 75 people. I believe this number to be amazing, compared to the 20-30 it used to be last year. Since the beginning of the year we have over 200 people attending" head of professional development Faculty, Elena Ţap said.

Valentina Muntean is teaching history for past 35 years at Hoginești gymnasium, Călărași district. The teacher regularly attends professional development training courses.

"Last time I paid 900 lei. I am always taught new things that I later use in my own activity" teacher Valentina Munteanu said.

The teacher was happy with the new development, claiming that she will now be able to save money.

"I will be able to go to a book shop, to a museum. A teacher feel great when respected by the Government and society" teacher Valentina Munteanu said.

"This is a great initiative. Professional development requires money and those courses will be of great help. The Government must be closer to the people" teacher Inga Corneciuc stated.

Managers of the institutions greet the Government's initiative.

"The institution pays for those courses, our teachers did not feel much impact, but the lyceum did. As an institution we greet such projects because it will help our budget. Those money will be used to purchase books" director of Mihail Sadoveanu Lyceum, Călărași town, Valeriu Gorincioi said.

Authorities claim that good news for teachers don't stop here.

"The issue of small salaries is on the agenda of the Prime Minister, of the Government and of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research. Beside those, we try different methods to change the teacher's image in the society" Secretary of State of Education Ministry, Igor Şarov, declared.

In November, PDM president, Vlad Plahotniuc, requested the Government to come up with solutions to improve the education field. The official at the time spoke of the fact that teachers have to pay to attend professional development training courses. In Moldova work close to 31 000 teachers.

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