Teachers' reaction to proposal of Ministry of Education on being paid according to their performance

The Ministry of Education has made the proposal to the teachers to be paid based on their performance. It would allow a substantial wage increase, according to a study conducted along with Estonian experts.

If the initiative of the Ministry of Education will be accepted, the basic salary of teachers beginners will reach 3,300 lei, with 350 lei more than today. The second degree will benefit of at least 4,600 lei, with an increase of over 15%. Teachers who have first degree will receive a basic salary of 6,000 lei. 

Teachers with a higher degree will receive 8,300 lei. To these amounts, the bonus for seniority, starting from 230 lei up to 1,700 lei will be added. The amounts were calculated for 35 hours of work each week. The document also provides for the allocation of duties and responsibilities. Thus, teachers with higher academic degree will spend more time for research and training of young specialists.

Several teachers welcomes the new document that provides for the payment of overtime and additional activities spent with students.

92 percent of Gheorghe Asachi high school teachers have a teaching degree and have an average of 20 years work experience. The principal of the high school says that the new method of salary will stimulate teachers to work harder to improve student's achievement.

Other principals say, however, that these wage increases are not enough to entice specialists without teaching degree to advance professionally.

The Deputy Minister of Education, Elena Cernei has stated that the salaries of teachers based on performance will make the system even more attractive.

Currently, the salary fund for teachers exceeds 1.5 billion lei. To implement the new system of remuneration of teachers would require additional spending of 260 million lei a year.

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