Teachers from Ungheni met Education Minister Monica Babuc and expressed their support for curriculum reform

Teachers from Ungheni announced in a meeting with Minister of Education, Culture and Research, Monica Babuc that reform within the school curriculum is necessary, while those changes are meant to make the educational process more efficient for pupils. 

"By the end of the year we will come up with a new national curriculum and hopefully the best suggested practices will be taken into consideration" Monica Babuc declared.

Teachers believe that the Ministry's idea to reduce the number of mandatory subjects will help pupils to concentrate on those they wish to tie their future career with. 

"Such a change is necessary, as at the moment there is too much information that we try to make pupils learn from primary school to high school" director of Gheorghe Asachi Lyceum, Gheorghe Primac announced.

"We have children who complain that the material is too hard, to much and they say that this information is useless to them in the future" chief of Ungheni Education Directorate, Iulia Pancu said.

Monica Babuc spoke with teachers regarding state's intention to finance Professional Development Courses and teachers fully support it.

"It is very necessary to develop teachers. We spoke of something that troubles us. I have been a deputy director of an Lyceum for the past 19 years and wish to say that during those 19 years, only once have the teachers attended Professional Development Courses" deputy director of Gheorghe Asachi Lyceum from Ungheni, Maria Buruiană said.

"It is obvious that any teacher should wish to constantly improve" teacher Zinaida Popuşoi declared.

Last week, Minister Monica Babuc announced a massive reform within the curriculum, as well as a series of measures to ease the teacher's tasks.

According to it, teachers will have less reports to write, while over-time classes will be payed.

The idea came initially from PDM's president, Vlad Plahotniuc.

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