Teachers from Chisinau requested bigger salaries and new education system at meeting with Ministry of Education and deputies

Reviewing the education program, which is currently overloaded, more options for pupils and bigger salaries for teachers. Those were the main requests made by teachers from Chisinau, who met with Ministry of Education and deputies.

"The curriculum must be changed, so that pupils will not be buried alive by the workload" director of "Gheorghe Asachi" Lyceum, Boris Volosatâi said.

"It would be best for high schoolers to have their last semester concentrating on the four, or five subjects they will take exams on" director of "Constantin Sibirschi" Lyceum, Pavel Macari said.

Teachers were also displeased by the big amount of reports they need to do.

"When teachers are loaded with so much paperwork, schemes, presentations, of course they are spending time on it, time that could be used to prepare lessons for children" director of "Universul" Lyceum, Anastasia Rusu underlined.

Parents also complain that after classes, pupils spend hours doing their homework:

"My child is also doing sport and attending extracurricular activities. Unfortunately, it is very difficult, because there are days when it takes to 11, 12 o'clock to complete the homework."

Secretary of state of the Ministry of Education, Igor Şarov, and PDM deputy, Victor Mândru, have assured that the teacher's suggestions will be carefully examined, while most of them will be included in the new reform.

"As a lecturer or teacher, he must demonstrate his worth each day. When there is a lack of opportunities, he cannot do his job properly" Igor Şarov said.

"The main aim of this reform is to create a more rational and equipped system, were employees are properly rewarded and trained" Mândru added.

At the end of the meeting, a Teacher Association from Centru Sector was created, having 200 members. In October, Ministry of Education has announced that reforms in the education system must be fitting the reality, while the processes of closing schools stopped. It was done after PDM president, Vlad Plahotniuc, requested immediate reformation of this area.

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