Teachers feel grateful for initiatives of Education Ministry: Piles of reports eliminated

After the Education Ministry initiated the process of de-bureaucratization, teachers relieve the burden of finalizing piles of reports. 

Teachers in Zăbriceni village, Edineţ district say they have more time for students and family.

Lora Vacari is a teacher of Romanian language and literature in Valeriu Topala High School. She says she used to stayed over time in school to make different reports. She feels relieved now. 

"We have to complete fewer reports now so that we spend more time on something else", said Lora Vacari.

Viorica Verbiţchi admits that she now has more time for family.

"We don't stay up late any more. In the past we did not have time for family. It's better to work now". 

Teachers also welcome the idea they are exempt from the training fees. 

The strategy, launched with a view to modernizing the education system, will come into effect gradually until 2020.

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