Teachers demand bigger salaries. Premier’s response

Moldovan teachers have staged new protests today demanding pay rise of 50 %.

They marched on Chisinau’s main avenue from the Science Academy to the Government Building.

Prime Minister Pavel Filip says the protests bear political connotations, although he is negotiating with the teachers unions to solve the issue.

The teachers ask for a minimum salary of at least MDL5,000 and threaten to go on ‘general strike,’ unless their claims are met.

Premier Pavel Filip calls on union leaders not to take the teachers to streets to blackmail the Government.

”I read a slogan saying ‘I swap my teacher salary on a lawmaker’s salary.’ I want to tell the union leaders I am ready to change my premier’s salary on the salary of a union leader. They should at least be honest and not agitate the spirits in order to hide the big salaries they get," the Prime Minister said.
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