Taxi drivers obligated to issue receipts. What they might face for breaches

Taxi drivers will be forced to issue a receipt at the end of each trip. The subject was discussed by representatives of the Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure and National Transport Agency with members of the Taxi Association.

It was suggested for taxi drivers to be forced to own receipt printers, while passengers to pay based on the fee indicated on taximeters. Taxi drivers will also be obligated to issue receipt at the end of each trip. Otherwise, the client has the right to refuse to pay.

At the same time, members of the Taxi Association suggested to perform an audit on the activities of fictitious companies providing passenger transport services and issue the extract from the Register of Road Transport Operators only after the car has been equipped with a cash register. At the same time, the Taxi Association also suggested that in case the rules for the operation of transport vehicles are breached, for the registration plates to be seized, on the first breach for 30 days, while on the second for 180 days.

Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure urges travelers to only use services of legal taxi companies, who are equipped with a cash register and yellow registration plates, as well as to request a receipt after each trip.

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