Taxi drivers make their own laws, refuse to issue receipts to customers

Taxi companies still refuse to issue receipts to clients, and taximeters remain a decoration in cars.

Moreover, most drivers do not even know how to use these systems.

Tax Service, the Police and the National Auto Transport Agency have decided to end this phenomenon and staged new raids in Chisinau in November.

More serious is that the number of taxi drivers operating illegally in Chisinau without a license is growing. An undercover tax inspector went to one of these drivers.

The officer requested a trip in the same sector.

Also, the arrogance of these taxi drivers is beyond all reasonable limits. They made a habit of asking customers to pay higher tariffs.

Also illegally are working some taxi drivers circulating on cars with foreign license plates.

In 2016, officially, were registered 270 cases of illegal transportation of passengers. The fine for such violations range from 1,000 to 3,000 lei.

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