Tax incomes soar in January

The incomes to the state budget, managed by the Tax Service, jumped by 27.7 % year on year.

914.2 million lei were poured into the state budget, that’s 206.1 million lei more than in January 2016, or up 29.1%.

As to the budgets of the local administrations, the incomes were 245.8 million lei, the growth being 44.5 million lei, that’s 22.1% more year on year.

The social insurance budget got 733.3 million lei, what’s 162.0 million lei more (+28.3%) compared to January 2016.

The revenues to the medical insurance budget were also high.

The Tax Service registered a revenue of 227.1 million lei, that’s 47.3 million lei more y/y (+26.3%.)

The national public budget in January 2017 gained 2.1203 billion lei.

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