Talent has no boundaries. Violinist that makes Christmas ornaments into pieces of art

Talent has no boundaries. 

Aliona Strijalkovscaia, a violinist from the Symphonic Orchestra from Chisinau, along her main occupation paints Christmas ornaments.

Her artworks can be seen in trees from USA, Switzerland, Russia, Italy etc. This year, as usually, she received many orders. More complicated ones take up to a few days to realize. For example, it took her 3 days to paint Venice on a glass globe.

"A past of the street is painted on the glass. It was hard to accomplish, because there are many details, houses, water and sky" Strijalkovscaia said.

A simple hobby to pain on glass became a source of income for her. The hand-made toys are easily sold on the Internet.

"I make them as gifts, in nicely decorated box. Sometimes, I send them through postal office, others come in person to get their order" craftswoman Aliona Strijalkovscaia declared.

Each client has different taste. More often, they request globes with elements from nature, but there are also those that wish more unusual sights.

"I once painted Google's office:the walls, tables, chairs. -For whom? -The order came from Switzerland. That person worked there many years. After they left, they wanted to keep the memory" she announced.

The toys painted by Aliona are unique.

"I like that they are one of a kind, they are not made in mass-production, but by my own hands."

The prices for a globe can start from 90 lei and can reach up to 700 lei.

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