Switzerland to support Moldova's economic development

The new Moldo-Swiss strategy for cooperation for the years 2018 - 2021 will be drafted this year, consider proposing to include developing sustainable economy as a priority area for assistance to be given to Moldova by the Cooperation Office Switzerland (ECB).

A statement to this effect was made today, February 16th, by the director of cooperation ECB Simone Giger, at the meeting with Deputy Prime Minister, Octavian Calmac, Minister of Economy.

In the context of developing bilateral relations, Simone Giber proposed that Swiss assistance to be focused on creating new jobs through businesses, supporting small and medium enterprises in Moldova to enter new markets for sales, development of business infrastructure in all regions, the establishment of a new national mechanism to promote social inclusion and poverty reduction.

Swiss official also said that to pick the best EU practices, the ECB is willing to provide assistance in strengthening the institutional capacity of the Agency for Consumer Protection and the National Center for Accreditation MOLDAC, including the development and implementation of integrated information systems for process accreditation.

"The areas of intervention will be discussed in a national planning workshop, to be held in late March, and development partners to fully use the provisions of the new strategy" , said ECB chief.

Simone Giber informed the Minister of Economy to implement projects underway and in the process managed by the ECB in 2016 were disbursed over 12 million.

Deputy Octavian Calmac appreciated the efforts of the Swiss Cooperation Office in the implementation of various development projects in Moldova, stressing that they contribute to the strategic objectives of the national authorities in reforming and modernizing the country.

The minister of Economy supported the ECB initiatives on establishing priorities for the assistance of Switzerland, particularly on infrastructure development in rural areas, development of small and medium enterprises, etc.

Swiss Cooperation Office in Moldova was opened in 2000, having the status of a diplomatic mission and representative of the Embassy of the Swiss Confederation based in Kiev.

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