Swine fever outbreaks. Pigs from Crocmaz village, Stefan Voda are about to be murdered. Government will cover owners' costs

The murder of pigs in Crocmaz village, Stefan Voda district has already started. A couple of swine fever have been registered there. Over 150 animals from two farms will be murdered. Other 150 pigs will be murdered by the end of this week.

The owner of a farm from a village, Ion Olifir says that he accepted the Government's command to murder his 96 pigs. The man says that the authorities promised him he will receive over 100 thousand lei compensation.

"The state budget loses a lot, but the danger is very big. This is why we agree with the Government's decision", mentioned Ion Olifir, farmer.

According to ANSA, all the pigs will be buried at the edge of the village in a five meters deep hole. The zone will be monitore by the ecologic inspectors.

"The hole obeys all the required sanitation rules. The depth is enough for the pigs to have 1,50 meters above them. The hole has been disinfected", said Vitalie Caraus, ANSA representative.

The residents of the village will receive the money back. One kilo of meat costs 28 lei. Before murdering the animals, the specialists will weight these. A commission of vets and local councils will go to the 70 owners and make contracts with them to return the money.

"Even these 28 lei are okay. We worked a lot to have these pigs", said Alexandru Juc, the representative of the Cadaster service from Corcmaz.

According to the local authorities, in Palanca village will be murdered 130 pigs. Three cases of swine fever have been registered there. The Government asked the pigs owners to murder all their pigs. According to ANSA, starting this year, 25 cases of swine fever have been revealed in 14 villages. 16 outbreaks are still active.

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