SWINE FEVER: Moldova's Government close to ban pork imports from Ukraine

The Moldovan authorities consider banning pork from Ukraine. The measures are triggered by the emergence of new hotbeds of swine fever in the neighboring country. The issue has been discussed today by Prime Minister Pavel Filip with experts from the Food Safety National Agency.

They believe the virus in Ukraine poses high risk for Moldova.

"There are 52 hotbeds of swine fever in the neighboring country. The risks for Moldova are major: we have 700,000 pigs, 25% of which grown in companies," said the Agency’s deputy chief, Vsevolod Stamati.

The pork producers say they have already taken securing measures in their farms.

"The Food Safety Agency and the Customs Service and the Border Police must undertake all the due measures to prevent this virus from passing into Moldova," Pavel Filip instructed.

"This virus was taken to other countries mainly by people and vehicles," said the Agency head, Gheorghe Gaberi.

The premier has been assured by the Veterinary Diagnostics Center of being duly endowed to detect and annihilate the African swine fever.

The virus kills both domestic and wild pigs.

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