Swine fever alert in Galaţi County on border with Republic of Moldova. 200 animals will be preventively euthanized

The swine fever spreads rapidly in Galaţi County, where, on Sunday, the Romanian authorities announced the presence of a new outbreak in a locality located on the border with the Republic of Moldova. Nearly 200 animals will be preventively euthanized in the village on the banks of the Prut.

Also, the authorities decided to establish a safety zone around the locality.

"It was thus decided to preventively kill pigs in this locality. In the National Data Base, in Oancea there are 52 courts registered with a herd of 179 pigs, the mixed teams are going to start the preventive killing this morning (...) It has been decided to establish a temporary control area around the farm, where they will be applied measures to prevent the spread of the disease from the outbreak ”, quoted the press release. 

This summer, more than 500 pigs were euthanized in Galaţi County as a measure to prevent the spread of swine fever.




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