Suspended Mayor Dorin Chirtoacă announced resignation

Dorin Chirtoacă resigned the position of Chisinau Mayor. The announcement was made in a press conference. 

The suspended official declared that he didn't any solution and filed a official request to be approved by the Municipal Council.

According to the Central Electoral Commission, anticipated scrutiny could take place on May 20th.

"My resignation is as a disagreement, a protest against abuses addressed to the city and under no circumstances in the sense of accepting or recognizing the foolish accusations brought to me ", said Dorin Chirtoaca, the suspended mayor of Chisinau.

During the conference, Dorin Chirtoacă said the Democratic Party would like to run Chisinau City Hall, which was denied by PD representatives.

"By these statements, he wants to politicize the acts committed. He has a very rich fantasy which have been exposed in today's statements", said Vitalie Gamurari, PDM spokesman. 

Interim Mayor of Chisinau, Silvia Radu, commented on Chirtoaca's decision on Facebook.

She said she welcomed this gesture that the City Hall needed stability. She would fulfill her responsibilities until another mayor is elected.

PSRM leader Ion Cebanu also expressed his opinions on Dorin Chirtoacă's statements.   

According to him, this was one of few correct decisions made by the suspended Mayor. Anticipated elections need to be organized. 

Representatives of the European People's Party in Moldova said in a press release that Chirtoaca's announcement was an attempt to throw the society into new electoral debates, detracting from the reformation of the City Hall.

Additionally, the PAS party commented that Dorin Chirtoacă's resignation was long called for. Chisinau can now be removed from the hands of the corrupt people who have settled in the city hall. 

According to legislation, the Central Electoral Commission will announce the date of the elections 30 days earlier than official requests submission. 

The scrutiny may take place on May 20th, when anticipated scrutiny will be in other localities. 

Dorin Chirtoacă was the city mayor from 2007 till 2017 when he was suspended from the office for passive corruption and influence trafficking in the paid parking lot file. Currently.

He risks up to six years of jail. 

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