Survey: What Moldovans choose between EU and Custom Union

If Moldovans need to decide between the EU and the Eurasian Economic Union next year, 43 per cent will vote on EU membership, and 45 per cent will go for the Eurasian Economic Union.

These data originate from survey presented by IMAS today.

Accordingly, 42 per cent indicate Moldovan orientation should be pro-Europe and pro-Russia as well, 24% are pro-Europe, but continue friendly relationship with Russia, and 8% say that the Moldova should be pro-Europe, regardless of the relationship with Russia.

58% of Moldovans say that the largest assistance (aid, grants, financing) granted to Moldova comes from the EU, 3% consider the US and 19% say from Russia.

Likewise, 62% of respondents consider EU support as sufficient, 28% said "inadequate" and 10% did not know.

This research was carried out between June 22 - July 9 on 1.111 people in 67 localities.

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