Survey: What does people think about Moldovan police?

Moldovan police enjoys citizens' trust. This was confirmed by a survey of IGP. The survey shows that over 11% of the persons who participated at the survey said they are very satisfied with the activity of the people of the law and other 50% said that they are pretty satisfied.

People think that first of all, people of the law should take measures with the drunk people, especially with the drunk drivers. Other 41% were deranged by the big number of homeless dogs and 39% are worried about the robbers.

On the other side, the survey shows that 45% of the questioned don't know who is their sector policeman and don't even know what does the community police mean.

The trust in police was confirmed by the city residents and the villagers:

"I have heard about a happening from our village. A boy was robbed and the police revealed the robbers."

The survey was realized in December of 2017 by CBS AXA on a 1 120 persons sample on an error of 3,1%.

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