Survey: Moldovans' trust in EU increased

The Moldovans have more trust in the European Union. This data was proved by the statistics. Instead, the number of people who want our country to adhere to the customs union decreased.

According to the survey, if next Sunday will be elections regarding the adulteration to the EU or the customs union, where Russia, Belarus and Kazahstan are a part of, 55% would vote for the EU. 

The number increased by eight points, comparing with the same survey in 2017. On the other side, 42% of the questioned say they will vote for the customs union, in comparison with 42,4% , last year.

Also, 29% declared they are against the EU and 38% are against the customs union. The rest of the participants said they won't participate at the elections.

The survey was realized between April 19 and May 9.


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