Survey: Four parties will accede in Parliament. DPM is second in the ranking

If the parliamentary elections are on Sunday, four parties will pass in the Parliament. It is about PSRM, DPM, PAS and PPDA.

The Democratic Party has more chances. This conclusion belongs to IMAS. The survey was realized at DPM's command and was published today.


According to IMAS, the Socialist party is in the top of the preferences. More exactly, the survey shows that 29% of the citizens will vote for the socialist, which is more than in November.

DPM ranks second in the top. 17% of the citizens would vote for them. This result is better than the previous ones.


In the past two years, the number of the ones who vote for democrats raised four times.

The survey also showed that 9,8% of the citizens would vote for PAS and 8,9% for PPDA.


In the previous surveys, PAS and PPDA had better results.

IMAS also shows that PCRM and SOR parties will receive 6% of the votes.


Thus, 5,3% of the citizens would vote for the communists and over 5% for SOR party.

The number of citizens who would vote for them decreased.


The survey was realized between December 11 and 23, on a site of 1500 people from 108 localities. The error is 2,5%.

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