Survey: Civil society is distrusted. People believe them to be used for money laundering and political influence

Civil society from Moldova is not very trusted by citizens, shows the data of a survey made by IMAS.

24% of those questioned claim that they do not believe at all in Non-Governmental Organizations, or other public associations, while 49% expressed slight trust.

Most of them, 59%, claim that citizens know nothing regarding what civil societies do.

Moreover, they consider that Non-Governmental Organizations are working in political interests (36% - partially agree, 31% - fully agree) and are used for money laundering (34% - partially agree, 32% - fully agree).

Only 16% of those who participated in the survey believe that civil society work in the citizen's interests. While 19% think that civil society had a positive impact upon people.

The survey, made by IMAS, between 27th November - 7th December, has questioned 1 101 people from 74 regions.

The possible error is estimated to be of +/- 3 %.

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