Surveillance cameras could be installed in voting booths at parliamentary elections. Pavel Filip: We will provide transparent elections

Pavel Filip prime minister held a meeting with the members of the Central Election Commission and talked about a further transparent election campaign.

"We are a little bit worried about the elections that will take place in February. I want to make sure that these will be transparent and fair", mentioned Pavel Filip.

The prime minister indents to install surveillance cameras in the voting pools. This is how the transparency will be provided.

"We all want these elections to be fair and correct. Let get rid of the elements that would create doubts further", said Pavel Filip.

The prime minister confirmed the availability of the Government and the State Chancellery to provide the required space for the voting pools. At the same time, the chief of the Government highlighted the necessity to arrange ramps in the voting pools.

Also, the Government will ask ANRE to verify that all the country has electric energy and access to internet. In 2019, two election campaigns will take place: Parliamentary elections on February 24 and local elections after June 14.


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