Surprising reason a State Secretary was fired: You worked during former government so you must leave

Former Prime Minister Pavel Filip says he received several messages from people who were fired from the Government led by Maia Sandu for the simple reason that they worked in the PDM team. During a broadcast on Teleradio Moldova, Filip revealed how a secretary of state who worked in the field of information technology was left without a job. 

"I want to keep you but they told me that you worked during the former government so you have to leave"

This is the message that a Secretary of State, who has worked in the field of information technology for more than 14 years, received. We worked together on truly revolutionary IT projects: Moldova IT-Park, Service 112, Tekwill, Digital Strategy 2020, Moldova has reached the top countries with the best Internet speed.

After 14 years of IT work, the country rewards this man with "goodbye". This is how the new government understands to stimulate professionals. Therefore, all those who are good specialists are encouraged not to work in the state nor to advance. Congratulations on this "vision".

It's just an example, but there are dozens of the same kind. True professionals, whom the government said "goodbye" without any evaluation or reason", said Pavel Filip.

PM Maia Sandu denied all accusations. 


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