Surgery sections in Municipal Hospital no.1 to be modernized and reopened

Two surgery sections of Municipal Hospital No.1 have been reopened after being modernized for a while. 

"Everything went well. We repaired all necessary, from the floor, the walls, to the ceiling. We keep the numbers of salons and beds", said the head of aseptic surgery department, Iurie Ţugui.

The patients feel satisfied with the repair works. 

"I'm walking here as if in the heaven. It's very good, nice, wonderful."

Following the reforms, Municipal Hospital no.1 becomes regional together with other two institutions. 

"We've planned to repair not only this block but also in the process of finalizing other four sections. Next week we're going to reopen internal medicine sector and in the next three weeks, there will be emergency department," director of IMSP Municipal Hospital No.1, Iurie Dendiuc. 

"I have seen the processes going on here, and now I really enjoy seeing some refurbished sections of European standards, very bright, very clean, with new furniture, with some new equipment," said Minister of Health, Labor and Social Protection, Stela Grigoraş.

The works cost more than 5.4 million lei. Annually, more than 1,300 surgeries are performed in the two sections and more than 2,500 patients are treated.



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