Surgery department of Municipal Hospital "Saint Michael" renovated

Patients operated at the Municipal Hospital "St. Archangel Michael" will have no postoperative complications. Meanwhile, women with gynecological pathologies should be treated according to a revolutionary method, applied for the first time in Moldova. This was made possible after the surgery department of the institution was renovated and equipped with modern medical equipment.

Because of the equipment, surgeons can perform only mini-invasive interventions. These conditions will allow implementation of new methods of surgical treatment of abdominal and gynecological disorders. One of these is hysteroscopy, a procedure which allows to simultaneously identify a uterine tumor and its disposal.

"We view the uterine cavity with a very thin device, about three millimeters. We see the uterus on this monitor, enhanced by dozens of times. And for example, if we identify a tumor in the uterus then eradicate it easily without having to remove the uterus" said Valentin Mustea, head of surgery department.

Also, the surgery department was equipped with a modern ventilation system. In such circumstances, the appearance or the spread of infection is not possible.

"We first have installed a ventilation system that allows simultaneously air entering and venting. Because when the operating room is busy it's hard to breathe. And then the doctor has no headaches, no dizziness, doesn't get tired" said the director of the Hospital "Saint Archangel Michael", Mihai Ciobanu.

Modern conditions also allow the application of telemedicine. The application provides the ability to monitor online the interventions.

"We can connect the TV set, the screen and to send to colleagues the entire process of surgeries from this department. They could receive this information in online regime and to give us consultations" explained Mihai Moldovanu, head of Chisinau Health Department

Thanks to the modern equipment, a surgery can take up to two hours, instead of four hours. As a result, the number of surgeries will increase twice. Per total, over 5,000 patients will receive annually modern treatment.

"This room will make our work easier. We will conduct surgeries in very sterile conditions. The equipment will allow us to conduct surgeries more easily, which until now were difficult to be carried out" said the surgeon Vasile Maloghin.

Renovation of the surgery department costed 14 million lei. Most investments were made from Chisinau budget.

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