Supreme Soviet of Transnistrian region asks residents to stay calm on eve of elections

Tiraspol Supreme Soviet of the Transnistrian region asks residents to be calm and not to succumb to the challenges before the elections of the so-called President of the Region. At yesterday's meeting of the local legislature, representatives of the forum expressed their fears of possible destabilization scenarios that could occur on the eve of elections.

"The attempts to use the army, militia, security bodies and other power structures in the region against the population, in order to stay in power by means of violence is a crime against the state. Those who resort to such actions will respond before the law" said the deputy of the supreme Soviet of Tiraspol, Igor Buga.

The elections of Tiraspol administration head will take place on 11 December 2016. According to political analysts, the most important competitor of the current Tiraspol leader Yevgeny Shevchuk, is the president of the Supreme Soviet of the region, Vadim Crasnoselschii. 

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