Support Moldova's European future! Thousands of citizens informed about EU integration benefits

Over four thousand people across the country were informed about the benefits of European integration within the "Join Now" campaign launched two weeks ago. The action was initiated by ten NGOs and aims to promote the benefits of European vector.

So far nine booths with pro-European information have been installed throughout the country. Preliminary data shows that 86-per-cent of those informed support Moldova's European future.

"It's hard work, but we manage. We inform, shatter myths, tell the truth. We succeed" ,  said Andrei Bastan, a member of Ukrainians Association in Moldova.

Pro-European information campaign does not stop there. Volunteers will extend it throughout the country. They want to individualise the information for each citizen. Moreover, they plan to submit politicians to a test.

"We will provoke political parties presidential candidates to answer 10 questions about the European integration process and the benefits of European integration" , said Sergiu Ostaf, CReDO director.

The "Join Now" information campaign was launched on August 16th and will last until the end.

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