Superior Council of Magistracy ends in unprecedented deadlock. Second meeting put off due to same reason

The Superior Council of Magistracy (SCM) remains in an unprecedented deadlock. The second consecutive meeting of the SCM was postponed for the same reason: lack of quorum. 

The interim head of the institution, Dorel Musteaţă, says that the meetings are being deliberately blocked, especially since today, the interim general prosecutor's report regarding the commencement of the criminal prosecution on behalf of a judge was to be examined. Some magistrates, participants in the General Assembly of Judges are also targeted in the investigation. 

"It creates the impression that the meetings of the SCM are intentionally boycotted and are trying to make the SCM lucrative," said Dorel Musteaţă.

After last week's meeting of the SCM was postponed due to lack of quorum, two members of the SCM were absent again today: Ion Postu and Victor Micu.

"Mr. Micu is on medical leave. Mr. Postu Ion confirmed the presence on 17, but at the meeting he did not show up", added Musteaţă.

When asked by Publika TV, Ion Postu couldn't attend the meeting today due to his health problems. 



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