Summer camps renovated for children in Cahul

Children in Moscovei village, Cahul will enjoy summer camps thanks to supports of Government and local authorities. 

The special guest, Democrat Deputy Elena Bacalu, congratulated the locals.

"Five million lei was allocated, three million lei were allocated by the Moldovan Government and two million lei - from the local budget. It is a beautiful collaboration which lead to very good results," said Elena Bacalu.

The children have prepared an artistic program for all those present.

After the repair, the Romantica rest camp will be able to receive a larger number of children.

"We have done a lot of beautiful things, we have renovated the windows, the doors, bought new inventory in the grocery, changed the roof, we renovated another 16 cottages, the children are very creative, ingenious and they love it a lot, "said Maria Ghetiu, director of the Romantica rest camp.

The little ones who rest here say they feel great and never get bored:

"I really like the camp, it's already the third year, before the conditions were different, but now they have changed, everything is much better."

"There are a lot of fun games, we play a lot, especially football and the food is very good."

Over 1000 children will rest in the camp in four exchanges this season. 

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