Success story. Government supports this young man to make his business roll

He started his business and goes on developing it with the help of the state. Petru Pitușcan from Călărași district invested 1 mn lei in a factory producing fodder for animals.

Recently, the entrepreneur won a grant of 300,000 lei in the national program of endowing youth economically

Petru Pitușcan’s fodder is sold in the country’s central districts. He bought more equipment with the Government’s money.

The entrepreneur says the authorities must back the young businesspeople so that they contribute to the development of the country: “It’s a big input for the young businessmen. It’s considerable support. The youth are the country’s future and they must be supported."

He will have to return but 60% of the loan.

In order to endow youth economically, the Government earmarked 20 million lei to finance 170 businesses, as the age of the applicants was raised from 30 to 35.

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