Subventions of 100 million lei given to over 1,000 agriculturalists

Approximately 100 million lei were given to over 1,000 agriculturalists in the last 10 days. And until the end of February 2017, all subventions left as debts from 2016 will be paid. The declarations were made by the director of the Agency of Intervention and Payments for Agriculture, Nicolae Ciubuc.

"In the next 2-3 weeks, the rest of 2,400-1,400 which are still examined, will be authorized and sent for payment by the State Treasury. Thus, until the end of February we will ensure the payment of all debts" said Ciubuc.

The director of AIPA affirmed that until the end of February will be known all the subvention conditions for 2017:

"Once we will have approved the regulation of valorization, we hope that it will be approved near the end of February, so that starting with March 1st to start the process of valorization of the requests"

At the same time, authorities are verifying the correctness of the use of money given by the state.

"During 2016, AIPA started an ample campaign of monitoring the projects which were subsidized in the previous years. At approximately 70 agricultural producers were found various susceptible irregularities of returning the state money. At the moment, I want to say that willingly were returned over 200 million lei from the agricultural producers" said Nicolae Ciubuc.

The Agriculturalist Subvention Fund for 2017 is 900 million lei.

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