Study: Drinking water from pipelines gets more polluted with each year

The quality of drinking water in pipelines gets worse with each year. It contains a higher level of microorganisms, fluorine and nitrates, which do not correspond to the chemical parameters. The conclusions are done by the specialists from National Center of Public Health.

According to their study, in approximately 70% of the investigated water samples the content of chemical substances are above the norm. Also, in each fifth analyzed sample the scientists found a bigger quantity of fluorine. At the same time, in 7% of cases, the quantity of microorganisms were exceeding the norms.

Last year, this indicator was only 3.4%. The water is more polluted in the water pipelines in Anenii-Noi, Glodeni, Causeni, Falesti, Rascani, Ialoveni, Stefan-Voda, Taraclia, and Orhei.

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