Study: Business registration period at the Public Services Agency lasts about four days

A business registration period at the Public Services Agency lasts about four days, and the time allocated for the process takes about four hours. These are the data of the study 'The entrepreneur's activity regulating expenses 2018', presented by the World Bank.

According to the analysis, import products certification can take 3,7 days, towards the 2017, when it took 5,7 days. An the cost of the certificate decreased from 237 to 109 USD.

Although, the number of checks decreased in 2018, but they last longer. About 22% of interviewed persons consider that the checking procedures  became more friendly in 2018. The businesses are under less checking pressure: about 35% from the respondents mentioned that they are less inspected.

Republic of Moldova registered progresses at the business-starting chapter. The study data shows that the success is due to the regulation reform in the business area, initiated in 2016. As a result of the document optimization of the acts released by the Central Public Administration, their number decreased from 416 to 152. Altogether, were eliminated 265 permissive acts, what allowed to decrease the costs of building a business about 70%.
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