Study: Almost all Romanians celebrate Easter but not all of them know what it means

Almost all the respondents to a study carried out by IRES said that they are celebrating Easter (98%), but only 87% know that Christians celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus on Easter. Some 8% of respondents said that Christians celebrate the Birth of Jesus, and 5% said that they don’t know. 

The Romanian Institute for Evaluation and Strategy (IRES) carried out the study by telephone between April 10 and April 12, on more than 1,000 people aged over 18.

Most respondents (92%) said that the religious holiday traditions are very important to them. Moreover, around two thirds said that there are specific Easter traditions in the areas where they’re living, such as going to church (31%), egg painting (20%), and slaughtering lambs (7%).

Over 80% of respondents are usually attending the religious mass celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus, with 72% planning to also attend the mass this year.


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