Students of Constantin Negruzzi High School, restricted going out in break time

Students in the Constantin Negruzzi High School (Chisinau) don't have the right to go out during break time. This rule is imposed by the school leadership. 

The director argues that this rule ensures child protection as the schoolyard is not enclosed with the fence.  

This situation has repeated for two years. 

Lessons start at 8:30. Once the students enter the high school door, they can not go out until the end of the hours. 

The rule triggered disputes between parents of students. 

Representatives of the Education Department in Chisinau consider no violation against children's rights is recorded.

The People's Advocate says the situation can be analyzed from several sides.

"If it is forbidden for children to come out during breaks for safety reasons, either the court is not appropriately empowered, or it is near the central route, then such restrictions may be admissible. But at the head of the institution's office, it is clear that we are talking about a violation," said Dumitru Dorea, consultant of People's Advocate.

Psychologists claim that restricting the freedom of children leads to tension, migraines and stress.

After our shooting team came to the scene, the school administration opened all the doors. There are 909 studying in the Constantin Negruzzi theoretical high school.

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