Student life in capital. Expenditure mounts up 10 thousand lei per month

10 thousand lei is average expenditure per month of student living in Chisinau. According to the youths, most money is to be spent on accommodation, food and internet services. Moreover, others also wanna go to university by cars and have fun at night clubs. 

Most money should be spent on renting apartments, between 6 thousand - 10 thousand lei is the average budget on this necessity. 

"Around 300-350 EUR per month. I'm renting an 2-room apartment which costs me 50 EUR, in order to connect internet, I should pay more 300-400 lei."

"I'm living with parents but still have to spend around 200 lei on books, food and something else. Usually, 500 - 600 EUR is my monthly budget".

The less expenditure comes from students living in dormitories or with parents. Between 2,000-4,000 lei is the average budget per month. 

"A new room in dormitory costs me 700 lei per month but the old one only is priced at 250 lei. Additional 500 lei for food every month, that's it!"

"I paid 2100 lei for renting room in dormitory for a year. More 400 lei is spent weekly".

Mobile agents claim that most students choose to rent apartments with 2-3 rooms due to economical reason.

"An apartment with one room ranges from 150 EUR till 200-250 EUR. While apartment with 2-3 rooms costs 180 EUR till 300 EUR".

Most students' expenditure is supported by their parents. Among respondents, 70% have parents (one person or both) working abroad. 


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