Stricter Laws. Drivers transporting passengers will be required to have 0 blood alcohol content

Law will be more strict for new drivers and those transporting passengers on alcohol breath test. Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Protection elaborated a project foreseeing for such drivers to have 0 blood alcohol content, otherwise they will be sanctioned. At the moment, the legal limit is of 0,3 g/l in blood.

Authors claim that this initiative will ensure safety to people using taxis, minibuses and buses.

"We are concerned over the safety of people. Drivers from those categories must be extra careful to respect the traffic laws" head of department from Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Protection, Tatiana Zatîc said.

Doctors confirm that any quantity of alcohol drunk before driving is dangerous.

"Regardless the quantity, alcohol influences the nervous system. First of all, from 0 to 0,15 is more dangerous than actually being a bit drunk, because the person feels sick" head of Narcological Dispensary ward, Gheorghe Roşior said.

Drivers transporting passengers assure that they never drink at work. Still, some of them do not agree with the suggested changes.

"We never drink. Only when we are off work. -What about when driving? -God forbid, of course not. I have no right."

"Usually it shows 0.3 because some normal beverages also use a bit of alcohol." 

"Even soft drinks also contain some alcohol."

In exchange, passengers greet the initiative.

"I believe drivers should not consume any alcohol, at least 24 hours before driving."

"I agree with this idea, I once was in a car accident and I doubt the driver was sober."

"Drivers must be sober, we have children, it is very dangerous."

The project also suggests that both blood and breathalyzer tests must be taken into consideration.

Those who disagree with the doctor's conclusions will have the right to argue their cause within the first two hours.

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